Music is joy and we also play for our own entertainment in Vegas. When I am on stage – both in the rhythm section and behind the microphone – I can feel the energy that flows through the band and the audience. This is a real spiritual connection as we create together: the musician with music, the listeners with their feedback and happiness.


Throughout the 20 years of my career I had the opportunity to work with many notable bands and singers. I am delighted that I made it to Vegas 3 years ago, as the band consists of qualified and versatile musicians. We are also close friends and I got to meet the kindest people in my professional career.




We established Vegas with an aim to have a band in Hungary that brings events to the musical and visual level of international parties. We have been following the latest trends – both in sound and looks.


I am proud of the band’s musical performance – this is what makes Vegas unique. Everyone gives over 100% whether it is rehearsing or a live gig. I am trying to bring more and more of my international experience from vocal ensembles to the mix at Vegas.


I used to sing in a rock band, so I was a little doubtful about coping with songs that fit the taste of a wider audience. The guys at Vegas stood by me from the first moment: as Ignác puts it, we have all got rockers inside of us. And to be honest, we all lose our heads a little when playing together.


The drummer brings the rhythm to the music, so everyone will notice immediately if I make a mistake. I am carrying a lot of responsibility, and my fellow musicians are always thankful for my performance. As a stand-up comedian, I have learnt that timing is essential for a funny joke – this is why I am always on point in Vegas and humour too.


The most important thing in music for me is to be able to get lost in the moment. Every single concert is unique in a way – different audience, different occasion, different interaction from the band. Just like Adri, I used to be a rebel rocker. Vegas are the band that has this rebel attitude that makes it worthwhile to go on stage.